26 may. 2011

Purple, cropped t-shirt

Hiii!  here's a few pictures that Tadi took me today finally, you are probably wonder why did I take me so long to update my blog and this is the answer, first of all I don't have a designated photographer so is hard for me have the pics and now I'm not really into put in here post about fashion and stuff because all the web is full of that so everything becomes repetitive and  I'm definitely not an expert, also as it dawned on me that what I like most is posting about my projects or DIY,  what I'm wearing and places I visit, me having fun with my friends or things like that,  But for sure I would like post more often and I'll try. Plus thanks to anyone who actually visit and read this.

This was pretty much a random outfit inspired by the orchids that finally bloomed in my garden, I made the skirt (you'd be surprised how easy it is), the tshirt is new I bought it in Tennis, I immediately fell in love with the pocket and I was behind a cropped tshirt for a long time and finally a really old zara flats.

I usually don't dress of  just one color but I kinda liked this

I felt very rare without using earring

the pocket


5 may. 2011

Night out.

Ayer fue un buen día, uno de mis mejores amigos iba a mezclar en un local de la ciudad y fuimos todos a apoyarlo.

blusa animal print, short a la cintura forever 21, bolsa billabong azul para dar color y oxfords negros

Así me fui, me sentía fuera de lugar todas las mujeres andaban en tacones de 15cm un miércoles y yo con oxfords de lo más enana en el mundo.

Burrito <3